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Anekke Patchwork

Anekke Patchwork

Anekke Patchwork

During all the stages of our life we meet people, many people.

We do this very often, because we interact continually, every day, and many times we do it so mechanically, that we don’t even realise. Individuals through whom we meet other people, and through them many more.

Some of these people will go unnoticed in our lives. Others will arrive and perhaps, with a gesture, a look or just one word might even change your day, your outlook or radically change your life.

These people might stay some time, perhaps forever or they leave your life as quickly as they came into it.

One day, while thinking about the possibility that out of all the people I know, I would have to choose some who would have to leave my life, for any reason, I had an idea.

In my burst of creativity, I decided to start joining together all those people who have made me learn, open myself up to the world or know my shortcomings better, just like a piece of patchwork fabric.

Because they say that you can count your true friends on your fingers of one hand, and I am well aware of that. So, I don’t think that these people who I am referring to are friends as such, but I do know that they are good people, special people who appear on a fine day, as a result of a cause and effect chain.

They appear anywhere, in the most unexpected place and at the least expected moment. That is why this patchwork fabric is made with small pieces of cloth, of different colours and sizes, and it is my way of remembering all of them and everything that they have contributed to my life.

In it, every patch is a little bit of my memories, feelings and emotions. It is a reminder of each moment when someone who has crossed my path and consciously or not, helped me see the world from another perspective and even improve as a person.

How about you, would you like to make your own patchwork?

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