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Anekke Meraki

Anekke Meraki

Anekke Meraki

Travelling makes the soul bigger. When you arrive in a country with customs so different from yours, a door opens up inside you. This is something I found out on my trip to Japan: a fascinating country, brimming with tradition and modernity.

Its love for customs, its respectful character, the calm of its inhabitants, and the clash between urban and rural areas. This makes it a place where you want to lose yourself and soak up its culture. Where you want to open yourself up to admire the country’s sheer beauty, with streets full of pretty geishas and fields full of cherry blossom, rewarding me with one of the most stunning scenes in the whole world.

That’s where I learned a vital life lesson: that you have to channel your soul into everything you do and convey all your creativity. This creates an inexplicable feeling of inner happiness and makes you feel complete. And there’s a word to define this: Meraki.

That’s why this trip is something that will remain etched in my memory and alive inside me every single day.

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