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Anekke Cozy

Anekke Cozy

Anekke Cozy

Tom Stoppard said that “If you take childhood with you, you will never grow old” and I have made my mind up that I will never let it go.

I refuse to accept that just because you mature you have to stop giggling, or that we can’t go to sleep dreaming that when we wake up we will have super powers. Does growing up mean we can’t run anymore without a reason? By any chance does growing up mean that you forget how to be a child?

I don’t think that it is a good idea to stop being childish. It is so easy to have fun at that age. It is when anything is possible and all dreams come true. We should be able to remember every single day of our childhood, certainly in this way, our problems wouldn’t be as important and we would act without worrying about what they would say.

I don’t want to stop being a girl. I don’t want to stop trusting everyone else; I don’t want to stop being curious or getting excited about things either. Call me naive or gullible, but I think that if we could remember each day of our childhood, we would be happier.

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