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Anekke Seaside

Anekke Seaside

Anekke Seaside

The sea has something magical about it, which always comes to mind with a smile on my face. I’ve got an unforgettable memory: that sensation of raindrops falling onto my skin, with their unmistakable salty scent. The moment you sit down to dry off under the sun, gazing out at the horizon. That unique moment that only the sea can give you, special and infinite, to which your memory whisks you off when you picture it.

If I close my eyes, I almost feel like I’m sitting there on the beach, listening as the waves break on the shore. They bathe my toes, while I let the soft sand run between my fingers, with the shells shining and the breeze tingling my hair.

I imagine the sailors, living their lives out at sea. The fish, swimming around in freedom. The boats mooring in ports, whose masts seem to be caressing the clouds.

The sea has something magical about it, which is always in my memories.

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