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Anekke Dreams

Anekke Dreams

Anekke Dreams

Today is just like any other day; I am sitting at my desk, listening to the raindrops silently tapping the window panes that protect me from the wintry coldness. It is a sound that almost whispers music, which absorbs me.

I look at my notebook, well aware that my destiny is inevitable; it beckons me to share my story. What I feel is real. What I discover through the world of dreams must be shared.

This is how I began my story: DREAMS.

It was just a fleeting moment, a day like any other, which got bigger little by little. A moment where dreams overcame me through the words, words that I embodied with skill and fineness. I simply went with the flow of things.

Now, I want you to be part of my unusual Universes. Places where hopes, friends, wishes, even fears and ghosts coexist.

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