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The Story Of Anekke

The story of Anekke

Being a passionate dreamer is not always that common. Being able to dream awake for any reason, jumping in puddles on rainy days, running through a park hopping around, giggling, reading a book and getting excited, going on a trip eager to discover every part of the world, continue to be a girl (a big one)… Being a passionate dreamer is not always that common, although for a few people, just like it is for me, it is a way of being and a life that makes us happy.

Would you like to know my story?

As you already know, my name is Anekke. I was born on a cold winter’s afternoon, one of those that have almost a nostalgic air to them. That is why it is said that there is a certain tender and romantic air to me, the same as what you feel when you sit in front of the fireplace on a rainy day with a blanket, enjoying the sound of the firewood crackling in the flames, whilst a soft sensation sweeps over you. This feeling provides us with the simplest things.

I feel that my destiny is to give peace to those who follow me, to bring you closer to the magical world of dreams in which I live and pass on beautiful feelings to you. Remember that it is better to live life calmly and enjoy the tiny details of each moment, knowing that something magic might happen at any time.

In my little big world lots of dreams and infinite universes, desires, friends, hopes…even fears and ghosts all coexist creating an aura of mystery like the one that appears when you receive a letter, when you get nervous because you don’t know what is inside, although you long to open it and discover its messages. And it is because that little big world of mine is a beloved place, where each detail is cared for with passion and scored with paths that will take you away to magical places.

Would you like to know my secrets?

Just like all dreamers I love travelling, old fashioned things, what is made by hand. The smell of washed and treated wood whisks me off to bucolic landscapes, making me feel part of them and helping me get to know myself a bit more (and better).

A lot of things inspire and excite me, such as going on a trip to a place full of history from the past, where you can live through scenes full of tenderness, where your dreams become unique and special memories.

My motto: ‘Love to share’

I love sharing! That is my motto, because life is full of wonderful experiences, of people who cheer you up, of trips that change you and help you get to know yourself a bit better… I discovered that when you share your happiness, your adventures, love… the world gives it back to you. So, I never get tired of repeating this motto that has helped me get true and great friends during all my experiences.

Do you know who my most faithful friend is?

My pussy cat Towanda, he is also my best friend, the companion of my travels, hopes and dreams. He came into my life unexpectedly and since then, he has been an inseparable part of my life.

I quickly became attached to him, seeing as he has helped me determine my fears and hopes, be brave and above all, be myself. We are two of a kind and together we go on endless adventures and magical journeys.

He loves being with people, who pet him and scratch him behind the ears. He also has an incredible capacity to make new friends in each adventure. Once you meet him you won’t want to leave him!

My memories: the Anekke collections

My world revolves around my dreams, journeys and adventures, my desires and aspirations. My memories. That is why, a group of marvellous people, who always listen very carefully to all the stories that I tell them, are in charge of designing lovely collections of bags for you to use on daily basis, reminding you that you are a dreamer too and making you part of my world.

Dreams, love at first sight, the maxim that we must continue being little girls inside, the love of collecting happy moments, finding people that give us something good, the magic of the freedom when you travel, the freedom of being yourself, the essence of nature, the charm of the dancers, the fascination of being ecstatic gazing at the full moon through the window, a breakaway to beautiful Venice… These have inspired some of my previous collections that capture all my feelings, my excitement and desire to make you a bit happier.

Come and dream with me!

You also have a place in my world. If you want to be part of it, don’t look any further to find me, call me between whispers and decide which of our adventures you want to be part of. In return, Towanda and I will accompany you wherever you go, helping you to collect lovely souvenirs, becoming part of your dreams, your travels and your adventures and remind you every day that if, being a passionate dreamer is not always that common, for us, it will always make us happy. Come and dream with me!

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