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Anekke Egypt: The Enigma Of Anekke

Anekke Egypt: The enigma of Anekke

It was just like any other morning, when I was reading a book beside the window. I was lost between its lines when a noise brought me back from my daydreaming, and I saw Towanda running towards the door. Somebody had left a package there along with a note, which said:

“The world is too big to be left unexplored”.

Who and why would they have left this at my door?

I was enormously curious and I automatically pounced on the mysterious box. While I opened it, a mixed feeling of intrigue and excitement swept over me. What could be inside?

There within was a magnifying glass, an explorer’s hat and a mysterious papyrus, with hieroglyphics written on it.

I could not help feeling confused for a few seconds… However, that didn’t last long; as something was set alight inside me, like a spark. At that moment I made my mind up: I had to discover the hidden enigma in that papyrus.

“Towanda get ready, we are going to Egypt!”

Before we could even realise we were ready to set off on a new journey to try and solve this mysterious message.

And that is how this adventure started, crossing the waters of a river, which kept thousands of stories beneath its bed. In the distance the outline of a magnificent pyramid could be made out, inviting us to unravel its mysteries.

The last rays of sunlight fell and the sound of the water moving our boat brought us closer to our destination. There awaiting us was Egypt, with its red soil, its halo of mystery and its centuries of history. While we crossed its streets and we gazed at its monuments, our desires to explore all its nooks and crannies increased.

And there, sitting with Towanda at the foot of a pyramid, I knew that life was like that papyrus: mysterious, adventurous, full of decisions… Life is going out to discover the world every day, making it ours, enjoying every enigma.

Life is travelling, growing, observing the world every day as if it was the very first time. Letting it surprise you, discovering its history, knowing the culture of each person, putting yourself in their shoes in an attempt to get to know them. Life is one huge enigma that we are all part of, and now, I am going to try to figure out what is hidden in that mysterious papyrus I have in my hands.

How about you, would you like to come and discover it with us?

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