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Travel Journal: Egypt

Travel Journal: Egypt

Each trip has something that repeats itself in a different way. The same mix of emotions that are felt, which mingle in with the environment, calming those nerves that build up during the journey as you get closer to your destination.

This is what happened too when I arrived in Egypt. At that very moment when I first set foot on the land, I perceived its smell, its temperature. My body began to connect with the surroundings and it made me feel strange for a few seconds, while I was imbued with the landscape through the senses: the smell in the air of wet soil. The touch of the sand. The pyramids before me. The sound of the water of the river Nile flowing under the boat that we are sailing on. The sensation of a dry mouth given all the emotion with that salty aftertaste. Those first few moments of a trip are always new, unique and unforgettable.

Towanda circled between my feet nervously and in my backpack I kept those devices that somebody had left at my door, inside a box: papyrus, an explorer’s hat and a magnifying glass. It was then that I looked around me, amazed at the greatness of an ancient civilization and I daydreamed with stories of the pharaohs.

The adventure was just about to begin and the intrigue of what I was about to discover overwhelmed me. This is how the trip began, in a unique way, rocked to and fro by the current of a river, with the first steps on soft, springy reddish earth. Nobody could ever deny, at that instant in time, that this is the closest thing to happiness that we travellers feel.

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