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Travel Journal: Egypt (II)

Travel Journal: Egypt (II)

This trip is helping me to discover a lot of things about myself. It is funny to be in new situations and in unexplored places; they make you realize that there are things inside you that you had never even thought about before. It is treating me to split seconds of a movie, photograms that will become unforgettable memories.

Sleeping outdoors, on a bed of sand under a sky glimmering with stars, waking up with the shadow of a pyramid shading my face. Walking through narrow streets full of colour and smells, buying from its market stalls while Towanda pokes his whiskers out of my backpack.

And something extraordinary happened: a little girl started following me. She hid among the corners, while she looked at me with curiosity. For an instant, our eyes met. Her deep gaze full of eagerness to discover the world, made me feel as if I could identify myself with her. I had also been a little girl once who dreamt of seeing the tourists, who knew that the world would one day be left behind my footsteps and my words.

It was then that I searched around in my backpack. I always travel with more than one notebook to jot down my experiences and I knew that for her, a small gesture could be a great gift. I turned the first page and I wrote: “the world is too big to be left unexplored”. I stretched out my hand towards her holding the notebook, which she shyly took. Now I think of her and I dream that one day she will also travel with notebooks. Notebooks to fill with stories in her own backpack, discovering all four corners of the earth.

And the fact is that sometimes we forget that when we were little girls, we saw the reflection of who we wanted to be when we are grown up in other women. That is why; I will never stop reaching out to future dreamers. To the future explorers who we once were.

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