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The Best Gifts For Travelling Mums

The best gifts for travelling mums

Some people think that motherhood is a new way of learning about the world. Having the opportunity to discover the world through the eyes of your child, with curiosity and delight. Many people’s love for going on trips, for making other pieces of the world their home for a few days, is inherited directly from their mothers. That is why I wanted to speak to you about the best gifts for travelling mums because, although we can’t travel at the moment, what could be a better way to keep that excitement alive than reminding them that soon we will be able to travel again?

When are we going to be able to travel again?

Perhaps that is one of the most popular questions that have been asked over the last few weeks. Being at home has made us stop, think and appreciate the little things more. Missing the daily activities and our tiny pleasures, such as travelling, which we will enjoy much more from now on.

First of all I wanted to reflect on this with you. You already know that travelling is my great passion, going out to discover the world and turning each destination into a new adventure. It is hard to think about travelling at the moment, sometimes it is even difficult to think about when we will be able to do it again.

However I just wanted to tell you that we are doing a good job. The world hasn’t stopped; we have just put it on pause to look after ourselves. And when this is all over, we will go out eagerly; we will sample new dishes again, smile at a stranger on the streets of your city and go somewhere exciting with the kids to teach them that the world is a great place, which we must all look after together.

This year, remind that travelling mum that she shouldn’t lose that thrill, it will soon be over. Because it will be! And, when that time comes, we will carry on discovering the world together. Until then, let’s continue to dream! What better way to do so than with a lovely present for Mother’s Day to remind her that the world awaits her to discover it with her children?

Adventurous mum: weekend bags

We all know a mum who spends her whole life planning breaks away. A weekend at the beach, a bank holiday in Paris, her birthday in a log cabin… Travelling is her way of being in constant connection with the world, she has made up her mind to show her child or children every nook and cranny on the planet (or at least, her favourite places) and she makes the most of every occasion to go on a little trip. Does that sound familiar?

The weekend bags are ideal for them and I am going to tell you why! This type of bag is big, perfect to put everything they need in it for this type of short break away. These bags don’t take up a lot of room in the car and they can be kept in the wardrobe when they are not being used, something that makes them absolutely wonderful.

Have you already seen the weekend bags that are available in my website? They have everything required for that travelling mum to fall in love with them: they are big, they are multiposition (with handles and a crossbody strap), they are full of details and finally (but still as important), they are gorgeous!

Now you can browse around the website to see the models available to choose the perfect one for her by clicking here.

Essential in all suitcases: a toiletry bag

There is something that must never be missing on a trip, regardless of how long you are going for: a toiletry bag. These are essential to take all the toiletries and beauty products with you, which you are going to need while you are away. Choosing the matching model that goes with a weekend bag might be the finishing touch for a perfect gift.

So, before choosing just the right model you must focus on the size and the format. There are plenty of different types of toiletry bags, so you will find a model that satisfies your needs for sure. Let’s find out more about them!

  • Toiletry bag with a handle: This type of toiletry bag is ideal because it has a lot of room inside, which is lined, so it is excellent to put everything you need in it on your travels. It comes with a handle, which makes it more comfortable to carry around. 
  • Beauty case: This type of toiletry bag tends to be super practical, thanks to its format. It has two handles so that you can also use it like a little bag, there is lining and pockets inside and some models come with a small mirror and a hook to hang it up. You couldn’t ask for more!
  • Matryoshka style toiletry bag: A travelling mum needs a toiletry bag in her travel bag as well to put all her essentials in. What could be a better option than a Matryoshka style model that is made up of 3 separate pieces? This means that she will be able to use the one that best suits her needs or the size of her bag on every occasion. A basic for travelling!

Would you like to see all the toiletry bag models that are available in my website? Discover them now by clicking here!

Backpacks are the new style of bag for mums

It is true: backpacks are the most popular type of bag for many mums. Thanks to the fact that they have lots of room inside and they are comfortable to carry around on your back, you can put all your belongings in them and a lot of the kids’ things too. And when it comes to travelling, they are indispensable!

Do you know how to choose the perfect model for her? I will explain how in three steps!

  • Size: Does she normally use small or big bags? That is the first thing you have to consider when choosing a perfect model for her.
  • Format: You will find rucksacks for walks, backpacks with crossover straps (teardrop style) or shoulder bags that can be turned into backpacks among the models that are available. Which one do you think would suit her the best?
  • Design: This is the most subjective point. Which collection do you think she could identify herself with the best? You can have a look at all the models available on the website by clicking here.

You know the world hasn’t stopped spinning and our desire to go globetrotting once more will accompany us. And for all those mums who love travelling, it will soon be time to go out and discover the world again. If you want to browse around the online store to choose a perfect gift, you can by clicking here. Until then, we will carry on dreaming. The world awaits us!

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