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Anekke Ixchel

I remember that summer evening perfectly, the breeze caressing the final moments of the sunset and with it, a melody that seemed very familiar to me. I knew that it wasn’t the first time that I had heard it, because it sounded as if it was part of me, as if it came from me. Little by little I felt it get closer, clearer and that is when the music invaded me and I felt as though a journey had begun inside me.

By just opening and closing my eyes, everything was different, I felt different. In my mind, I could hear the voices of hundreds of women who sang songs full of wonderful messages, messages made to change the world and achieve whatever we set out to do.

There everything was filled with colours, which made that place an infinate pentagram, full of little notes that composed what was undoubtedly, a perfect harmony. I left my worries behind and happiness oozed from each pore of my body. Without even realizing it, I had turned into another note myself.

Towanda was looking at me astonished, as if he knew that something exciting was just about to begin

– Feel the music around us Towanda!

Gradually we got carried away, and guided by the sound of the mountains, we delved deeper moving to their tune. We felt the freedom of nature and the strength of everything that it is made of. The pure air, the shining sun and the thousands of leaves dancing with the breeze at dusk. A perfect union that reminds us that life is a song and we want to sing it at the top of our voices!

There we understood the power of the universal language of music, which unites us, moves us, brings us together. It takes us anywhere, at any time. It transforms us, it makes us dream. Thanks to music I learned that everybody sounds different, but together they make a marvellous melody, because each person has a melody inside them made up of wonderful notes.

Let the music play! Live life to the full! And long live love!

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