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Anekke Universe

That night I couldn’t sleep. A mischievous halo of light filtered through the window of my bedroom, bringing everything to life as it went past. It led me to a remarkable sight: the stars. Those that I have dreamed of every day ever since I can remember. Those that, every night, decorate the sky among fleeting meteors.

I shut my eyes tight, as tight as my eyelids would let me, and without noticing, the gravitational force of Planet Earth faded away. There I was, a floating being filled with emotions that shone almost as bright as the Milky Way, while my bedroom turned into a rocket that, in a few seconds, would transform into the spaceship that would launch us into infinity.

“Here I come, sky. Here we go, Towanda”.

3, 2, 1… the countdown made my pulse race, while the controls trembled and Towanda, as an astronaut, was getting used to his new spacesuit. At that moment, no dress could have been as pretty.

The speed, the voices on the radio, the control panel… everything appeared before us while our spaceship set off on its journey into space, as we left Earth behind and started to gaze at it just like someone who sees the beauty around them for the very first time: the colours of the trees, the oceans, the red and arid land…

Our spaceship made its way through the fluffy clouds, bringing us closer to an almost tangible darkness where, suddenly, the Universe put on the most beautiful performance that we could ever have imagined. We were immersed in its energy that moved to the rhythm of its rays of colours, the planets invited us to join them. Meteor showers moved us along gently, rocking us in that gravitational space that we had dreamed of so much.

There I felt as if all our strength coexisted in the immeasurable reaches of outer space, whose immensity made me float, feeling like a unique life-form. I felt the velocity of a shooting star running through my arms, the force of the ocean in my veins, how the Earth that gives us flowers moved between my fingers, the sun roaring over my feet… I felt as if I had become a shimmering being, whose heart had, irreparably, become a little star on the edge of a beautiful crescent moon.

The journey came to an end, but part of my spirit would stay in space forever. When we touched ground again, I wasn’t the same. The force of the Universe beat stronger than ever before in me, in Towanda. Each night, in the midst of the darkness, we would find a second to carry on dreaming about we want to be. Every day, with the light of the sun, we would give the best of ourselves to the world, to make it a better place. We would look after the planet and always give out positive energy, forever.

Because the Universe beats within us.

Because you are the Universe.


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