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Anekke Liberty

Anekke Liberty

Anekke Liberty

The story that I want to tell you happened on a lovely afternoon in May when I was going for a walk. There is something magic about spring, whatever it is that makes the flowers bloom, the green that colours the landscape and the afternoons that get a little bit longer. It is a beautiful time of the year in which, if you look around you while you walk, everything seems to coexist in euphoric peace.

That afternoon, while I was walking, I felt how the sun’s soft rays and a gentle breeze caressed my skin. It produced a special feeling inside me, as if I was flying. I couldn’t help being filled with sheer happiness when I saw the colours of the flowers, so bright that I could almost feel them. At that moment, when I experienced a precious connection with my surroundings, I was immensely grateful for being able to enjoy such magical moments.

Then I noticed, beyond the poppies, the daisies and the roses, a few fascinating plants that were fiercely holding on to the land, and unlike the flowers and other branches, they survived the frost, the heat and the strong winds. They adapted to the environment while their leaves and branches gradually spread little by little, slowly creeping up the walls that got in their way. And if they were pulled out, they would grow again just as if they were trying to grab on tightly to their dreams, without letting anybody take them away.

These weeds made me think of something that we often overlook. We are so concerned about doing everything well that we forget how wonderful it is to improvise, to be and feel free. Live without fears, without being embarrassed, without complexes, just being yourself. Because sometimes we don’t have time to even go outdoors and walk calmly, observing all the tiny hidden treasures in nature. We forget to live a bit more serenely, with our eyes wide open to see all the pretty things around us.

However, there is nothing healthier than shaking off those complexes when you wake up in the morning, putting on your superpower T-shirt and laughing out loud, passing on your happiness to everyone else. That is what makes you feel much freer, happier, it develops the ability to raise hopes in others, so that your zest for life, passion to be free, to be yourself, rubs off on them.

Because there is no other feeling that produces as much happiness as that of being true to yourself, to your way of being and to what you feel. So, open your eyes wide, breathe deeply and live! Enjoy that feeling of liberty inside you, live calmly. Always be yourself, free!

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