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Beautiful And Magic India – Anekke In India

Beautiful and magic India – Anekke in India

The world was created to be discovered. That is why; I am always up for an adventure to discover a new place, to continue enriching myself with each of the experiences that await me somewhere that I still haven’t been to. Of course, being part of a place, its people and its customs, makes you more human, more empathic, more sensitive, it’s something that I will never give up.

Moved by the desire to embark upon a spiritual journey, I arrived in India. The beautiful and magical India. As soon as I set foot in India I was struck by her magnificence, by her energy. Something very special happened to me there, because I soon felt part of her, her vitality, that sensation that everything is connected: each person, each monument. Her colours and smells. The respect felt for each part of her puzzle. Her coexistence and tolerance. Her pace of life, it’s so fast and slow at the same time that it captivates you.

India dazzles you and she makes you feel part of her. So, I immediately knew that this was going to be a trip that I wanted to keep thousands of souvenirs of in the form of photographs and notes, together with all the memories that would live in me forever. Accompanied by a camera, Towanda and I set out to walk around her streets, lose ourselves in her culture, her customs and above all, her magic.

Sacred animals, the peaceful coexistence among human beings and an incessant pace of life flying all around me, while I was filled with lots of unique sensations. Her smell of spices, the festival of colours, the sacred animals and the meaning of each tiny detail in this country, turns it into an experience in which you question the sense of everything you do, your values. And you decide to try and be more connected with yourself, be true to your feelings, lead a small revolution so that we are all part of this way of being unique and respectful.

India taught me many things, but undoubtedly, the most valuable thing that I learnt is that the most important thing you need in life is inside of you: your emotions. You don’t need anything more, just better. That shared joys, are double. That although life goes by fast, you have the chance to live every instant in a unique way. And that a photograph is an unforgettable memory, although the only thing that lasts in you forever is your experience.

Because the world was created to be discovered and there is no nook or cranny that I wanted to leave unexplored, to fill myself with experiences that will always be with me. How about you, would you like to come and discover the beautiful and magical India with me?

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