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Preparing A Trip To India, What Should You Take With You?

Preparing a trip to India, what should you take with you?

When a journey begins, you just can’t help feeling that mixture of nerves and butterflies in your stomach. It is a unique feeling, which starts as soon as the tickets to a new destination are confirmed and it increases the closer you get to setting off on your new trip. Not long ago, as you already know, Towanda and I went on a trip to a unique country. As soon as we had decided on the destination, the next question came to mind: to prepare a trip to India, what should I take with me?

What do you take with you on a trip to India?

As I told you, I put a lot of effort into making lists before travelling. It helps me organise myself better, so that I don’t forget anything important and I don’t overlook any interesting plans when I get to my destination.

When it came to planning the trip to India, first I did a lot of research into the experiences of other people: what they visited, what they took with them, how to take animals with you…You already know that Towanda and I are inseparable and I couldn’t be without him on an adventure like this. You can’t imagine how much he enjoyed himself!

But it is absolutely essential before you start preparing a trip to India that you know what you are going to need on a daily basis. In my case, some things are indispensable, such as the items listed below. I hope it is useful for you!

  • Camera: In a place that is bursting with colour, different people, animals… I didn’t want to miss out on any of the details! Furthermore, during the trip I met a group of people who, just like me, were enjoying a unique experience. After exchanging travelling experiences for a while, someone from the group managed to get a shot that means a great deal to me: this picture in which I am taking a photograph with my camera. And even though it might seem to be just another picture of a girl taking a photo, it is very special for me. It captured the essence of the moment, when I was trying to immortalize those split seconds of light and colour through my old camera, creating memories that would always be part of me. Make sure you always have a camera among your travel gear!

  • List of routes, excursions or visits and how to get there: Some people who like to improvise; ask when they are actually in a place… But in my case, I always like to plan certain things ahead of time and even more so when you are going to a country that is so different from yours. That is why, the first thing I did was write a list of all the places I wanted to visit and according to where I was going to be each day, I divided up the activities. Having done that, I found out about the means of transport available. Although travelling around in India is a complete adventure! And if you have already been to India some time in your life, you know what I mean.
  • Backpack: When it comes to moving around, I always choose comfort. A backpack for excursions and daily activities meant that I could take everything I needed with me. And not only for this trip, I usually take a backpack with me when I travel and there are different models to choose from that adapt to what you really need. There are so many options that you will definitely find the right one for yourself! And if you need some ideas, have a look at these models:
  1. Hiking backpacks: They are perfect because everything you need fits in them, they are very comfortable and it is easy to organise all your belongings in them. For example, these models are ideal!2. Convertible backpacks: Some women travel with a handbag and a backpack, there is no accounting for tastes. However convertible backpacks are another great option, like these two, which, as well as being lovely, are so practical that you won’t go anywhere without them!3. Drawstring backpacks: The drawstring backpacks have become must-haves for many women. They are extremely light, they can be folded up and even put into a suitcase and they are fantastic for excursions, festivals…

  • Toiletry bag: When you are going to be out all day, you have to make sure you have all your toiletries with you. Something that I always do is take a travel toiletry bag so that I have everything I need with me, plus all the basics from the chemist’s, (you never know), hair products, creams… choosing a toiletry bag also depends on how much you are going to take with you and how long you are going for, but with all these options, I am sure one of them will be perfect for you.

  • And when it comes to moving around, there is always the option of taking a small toiletry bag or carryall to put all the most important things in. Choose the size according to how big your backpack or handbag is, so that it is more comfortable and convenient. A very wise and perfect choice is this matryoska toiletry bag! You will always be able to choose the most suitable one for each occasion.

  • Suitcase: And one of the most important moments of a trip has arrived: it’s time to pack your suitcase. Shall I take a normal suitcase or one with wheels? You always have to think about where you are actually going and in what time of the year, because that determines the clothing, shoes or coats or jackets you will need. You also have to think about which option is the best for you in terms of weight and comfort. How about these options? Check them here!

  • Travel notebook: Whenever I travel, I take a little travel notebook and pens with me. The feelings you have when you travel, the experiences, those words from a stranger, that image that sticks in your head and makes you think… I love to keep all those memories written down in my travel notebooks. By the way, I will show you my dairy about my travels to India very soon!


  • Wallet for documents and money: This is a basic, but sometimes we don’t appreciate it enough. The size of your wallet and even having two (to leave things where you are staying and another one to take with you), is very important. One tip! I photocopy my documents and keep them in different places: backpack, suitcase… this is a great way to make sure that you don’t lose them. And choose the ideal size to put in your backpack! You can see all them here.

And of course, there are other basics for any adventure, a water bottle, an umbrella, mosquito repellent, sunscreen … You have to think about the climate and the weather conditions in your destination before deciding on what you are going to need. In my backpack, I always have a few sweets for Towanda and a kerchief to wrap around my neck, because they come in really handy with temperature changes. And I will leave you here with this first part of how to prepare for a trip to India, what to take with you…

I will tell you stories about the trip that I jotted down in my notebook soon, with some adventures that we had in this country that still surprises me now. Did you know that Towanda made friends with an elephant? 😊I’ll have more for you to read again shortly, friends. Big hugs!


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