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Rain Alert! The Most Delightful Umbrellas

Rain alert! The most delightful umbrellas

I have always thought that there are two types of people in the world: those who love the rain (like me) and those who still haven’t realized that they love it. The lovely wet smell, the rain drops falling against the window, the light on those rainy days… Indeed, thanks to umbrellas it is getting easier to add a bit of colour to the greyest of days. So, today I wanted to tell you about the loveliest umbrellas of the season. Would you like to find out about them? Become a real lover of rainy afternoons? Carry on reading!

Collapsible umbrellas VS non-collapsible umbrellas

Comfort and convenience is something that is valued the most when it comes to choosing an umbrella. So, always choose according to whether you prefer a compact umbrella that you can put in your handbag or backpack or a non-collapsible umbrella: that is the essential tip when it comes to finding a perfect model.

Compact foldable umbrellas, in turn, are divided into two groups: automatic and manual. The difference between them is that the automatic ones have a button that is pressed to open them, while the manual ones you have to open yourself. In both cases, they usually come with a little matching sleeve in the same waterproof fabric, for you to put it in when you keep it in your bag.

As for the design, both options have endless printed designs and details on them. Choose the one that you like the most, to add a bit of colour to those rainy days outside to make you smile. Let’s have a rainy day!

Patterned umbrellas for women: the dash of colour that you need

Some people associate rainy days with sadness, but nothing else! For me a pretty umbrella, with an exquisite printed design, can make it the best day in the world, walking under it while the smell of rain fills the air. Magic moments!

Therefore, choosing a model that suits you will depend on the printed design that you can identify yourself with the most. Do you need to see some of the options to fall in love with? Here they are!

 Vinyl umbrellas: love at first sight

In the world of umbrellas love at first sight is possible too. And the vinyl umbrellas are definitely one of the highlights of each season. They are so pretty!

The printed designs on the transparent material make each model unique, not only do they protect you from the rain, but they are also an ideal accessory to add to your look.

Have you seen the new umbrellas available on my website yet? Discover these unique models enhanced by animal prints, the western look, the mysterious Egypt or the glamorous Paris, and go outside smiling on those rainy days. Do you want to see them? You can by clicking on this link to see them. Don’t miss out on yours!

If you still haven’t realised, soon you will be a new lover of rainy afternoons. Shortly you will smile when you go outside with your new umbrella, winking at the clouds that dye the day grey. Are you ready for this with your new umbrella? Browse around the website and treat yourself to one. Umbrellas, rain… and action!

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