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Towanda’s Story

Towanda’s story

There are people that suddenly appear in your life and from that moment onwards they are always with you. You don’t look for them or expect them; they are just there in a certain place, at an exact time, to become part of your experiences, your memories, your everyday life.

You think of them and you feel fondness towards them, they cheer you up on a sad day and you even miss them when you don’t see them for a few days… And sometimes this great friend isn’t a person, it has four legs, it is furry and it sleeps at the end of your bed or at your side, depending on how cold it is…

By now you should already know that, in my case, I am talking about Towanda. Ever since my pussy cat Towanda came into my life, which is one of the best coincidences I have ever had, we have been inseparable companions of dreams and adventures. We have travelled; we have enjoyed hundreds of anecdotes together…

But, do you know Towanda’s story? How he come into my life? I am going to tell you about it here!

I will never forget the first time when Towanda and I saw each other. Just like on many other autumn afternoons, I had gone out for a walk, watching how the leaves had turned a thousand colours, falling from the trees as if they were dancing, moved by the wind and crackling under my feet. This is one of the best shows that nature puts on for us and I make the most of every moment so that I can enjoy it.

It was a bit windy that day; I felt it brushing my face in small cold gusts, ruffling my hair and the edging of my skirt. I walked through a park, thinking, in search of somewhere to sit down and write the masses of ideas that were going round in my head. I sat on a bench to read a few notes that I had jotted down in my notebook a few days before and when I looked up for an instant I saw him there, in front of me.

Small as a little ball, shining under the evening light with that lovely grey colour, jumping after a leaf that was flying around, bouncing off the ground, without even noticing that I was there. It was so funny to see him trying to pounce on a leaf with his paws that I just couldn’t help laughing out loud, which startled him and made him run off and hide behind a tree.

And that is how we started to play, he would timidly peek out, first from one side of the tree trunk and then the other and I would slowly get closer to him, stretching out my hand so that he could sniff it, he was a bit suspicious at first, but slowly… until finally he let me stroke him.

At that moment I think that we both knew that we were going to be friends forever. That magical connection that sometimes occurs did and it made us both feel very happy to have met each other.

And if I have learned something it is that there are people who come and go in your life, like your memories, but an animal is a faithful friend that is always with you, wholeheartedly, they don’t mind if you have a good or bad day, they just make you laugh without expecting anything in exchange, they accompany you everywhere and they always love you.

That is why I am so lucky to have met Towanda by chance, a friend that just appeared, without expecting him or looking for him… but who is always with me, and that’s why he has a great protagonism in the collections, being present in many small details, in the prints and, of course, in each image in which it accompanies me. And I you want to know more about our adventures, don’t forget to visite the website at this link!

How about you, do you have a faithful friend like mine?

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