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The Thrill Of Sharing A Dream

The thrill of sharing a dream

There are certain situations in life that produce unique feelings in me. The nerves the first time you do something, when you open a present that you sense is going to be special, when you work a lot on something you love and you begin to see the results, when you get a message from someone who you value…

Sometimes you ask me how I, being the starry-eyed dreamer that I am, managed to turn the dream of being able to create a brand that conveyed everything I am, everything I dream of and feel, into reality. The answer is simple: by surrounding yourself with people who are, dream and feel like you do.

With people who get just as excited as you do about capturing your dreams and your travels, whose role models are similar to yours, whose passion for sharing my stories motivates them to put all their talent and hopes into this thrilling project.

So, a few years ago, we began sharing new collections of bags and accessories every year for women like you: with a special taste and sensitivity. And each season, I meet many new friends who come to stay, to carry on dreaming with each one of my adventures.

Perhaps you are wondering why I am telling you this, aren’t you?

There is not long to go now before two new collections for Spring-Summer 2019 are launched, I am so excited because they are absolutely lovely! In just a few days, at last, I will be able to tell you what inspired these two new lines that will accompany you this season. And I hope that you will feel as thrilled as I have working on them, with every package you receive.

That excitement when you were a little girl wearing those new shoes that you adore for the very first time. That thrill on your birthday, when the light of the candles on your cake sparkle in your face while you are surrounded by the people you love the most. That elation to take something made with tender loving care with you.

I can’t wait until the day finally arrives!

And by the way, I would like to seize this opportunity to tell you a few things about the brand that you might not know about. So, read carefully!

  • The materials that are used are Eco & Animal friendly: I love pretty things, as you all know. That is why my team puts so much effort into creating pieces that you will love, that will make you feel so special, every season and so that they make you part of my universe. And in my world, looking after the planet and animals is fundamental. Therefore the materials that are used are eco-friendly and vegan. This world will be a prettier place if we all work together to look after it and this is another little contribution to it!
  • What is the inspiration behind the collections? This is one of the most popular questions that you ask me. Each new collection has a story behind it; it is inspired by something different. Sometimes, I am inspired by a trip, a feeling or a personal experience, which many of you can relate to. Other times, I am inspired by women who I admire, who with their work and their stories have contributed to creating a better world for everyone. For example, Amelia Earhart.
  • Who is Towanda? Towanda is my pussy cat; he is a lovely, furry, purring kitty who comes with me on my adventures. Meeting him was one of the best coincidences of my life, but that is another story that I have already told you, which you can read if you want by clicking here.

And well, there are thousands of other things that I would love to tell you, but… I will save it all until the big launch! Are you ready? Thank you for getting so excited with each collection that is released, for the thrill of sharing a dream. Read more shortly!

Big hugs,



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