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Anekke Meraki

Anekke Meraki Travelling makes the soul bigger. When you arrive in a country with customs so different from yours, a door opens up inside you. This is something…

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Anekke Cozy

Anekke Cozy Tom Stoppard said that “If you take childhood with you, you will never grow old” and I have made my mind up that I will never…

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Anekke Seaside

Anekke Seaside The sea has something magical about it, which always comes to mind with a smile on my face. I've got an unforgettable memory: that sensation of…

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Anekke Dreams

Anekke Dreams Today is just like any other day; I am sitting at my desk, listening to the raindrops silently tapping the window panes that protect me from…

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The story of Anekke

Being a passionate dreamer is not always that common. Being able to dream awake for any reason, jumping in puddles on rainy days, running through a park hopping…

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